RunSignup allows race directors to set up give-aways, such as T-shirts, for a race. We also provide the ability to set up different pricing based on the give-away option selected.

Race Merchandise Options

RunSignup has three main systems for selling - or optionally giving away - Race merchandise options. Each option has the ability to set inventory levels, availability dates, and give participants the ability to purchase items, or edit their item options after they have already registered.

Note: These systems are separate so any inventories of similar item options like shirt size will not be counted together in reporting. If you have multiple race merchandise options enabled for the same item you will need to manually account for their counts and inventory by using each merchandise option's reporting and combining them

For several races, runners will receive a free giveaway as a perk for registering into an event. If you would like to set up a giveaway, free or otherwise, then the “Giveaway” section will allow you to do so for each of the events you created in the “Basic Info” step. The “Giveaway” settings can be modified across several events at the same time, or by individual event.

Why did my race stop asking participants for their shirt size? -

If you have set up a Giveaway Item, and it is not showing up on your race page and/or registration page then you have either set a Giveaway Cutoff Date which has past, or have set up Age Based Pricing or Multi-Person Sign Up Pricing and selected to not give participants using these discounts the option to select a Giveaway.

  • Your Giveaway Cutoff Date is in the past.
  • Your are using pricing that you have set up to not allow Giveaways with.

Giveaway Information

For each event, you will be asked the question “Do registrants get a free give-away (e.g. shirt)?” If you click “Yes”, then you can move on to customizing the giveaway settings.

Giveaway Description

The Giveaway Description is the title of the generic item that you are giving away. Most of the time this is simply “T-Shirt”, “Hoodie”, or “Headband”. If you have multiple types of this Giveaway such as different sizes or colors, you can define those later as Giveaway Options.

Cutoff Date

You can choose to set a cut-off date here. This will mean that after this date participants will no longer be able to select a Giveaway. RunSignup also has the ability to set up Giveaway Inventories if you would like

Giveaway Image

You can upload an image of your Giveaway by browsing for an image on your computer in any of these formats: .png, .jpeg, .jpg, or .gif.

You are only able to upload one image per Giveaway.

Giveaway Options (E.g. Sizes, Color, Etc.)

Sometimes you may want to have multiple versions of the same Giveaway. The most common use of Giveaway Options is to set up an additional option for each shirt size that you have available.

Adding, Rearranging & Deleting Giveaway Options

Use the Add Giveaway Option button for each additional Giveaway Option that you would like to make available.

Use the “X” button to remove a Giveaway Option, and the arrow buttons to move a Giveaway Option to move your Giveaway Options up or down in the table.

Giveaway Option Description

Use this field to describe to your registrants the option that they are selection of this Giveaway. Most commonly this is a shirt size.

Each Giveaway Option that is added will appear as an item in a dropdown list when the participant is prompted to select a Giveaway during registration

Extra Price

You are given the option here to add in an additional cost for this Giveaway Option. A lot of races will decide that they need to charge extra for a certain Giveaway Option because they cost more to produce. For instance - you may need to make your 3XL shirts cost $5 instead of giving them away for free in order to cover your overhead costs.

Note: You have the option to change the Extra Price for all Giveaway Options if you would like to charge for your Giveaway, instead of making it a free selection for all users.