If you see the following billing descriptor on your credit card statement, then you or an authorized user may have registered for an Event or donated to a Charity/Fundraiser on RunSignup:

1)  SIGNUP*(RaceName) (Location) 888-385-1360

2)  Braintree*RunSignUp or Braintree*(RaceName) or BT RUNSIGNUP

RunSignup is a service provider that processes transactions for Race/Club Directors for their Events hosted on RunSignUp. These Events are mainly for the endurance industry - Running, Cycling, Swimming, Skiing and more.

For more information on your charge, please contact finance@runsignup.com with the following information:

1)  Exact amount Charged
2)  Date of the Charge
3)  Billing Descriptor

With the given information, our team should be able to provide you more information for the transaction.