This happens when your Race issues refunds under a Quick Start - Direct Deposit account.

Every time a refund is issued, the Refund Reserve captures the next few transactions as Holdbacks until the Reserve is refilled to 5x the price of your most expensive Race fee. However, if the transactions captured exceeds the amount needed for the refund reserve and the balance owed is > than $200.00, then a check is sent the following Monday. For information on why this is necessary, see here.

If you would like to avoid this situation, you will need to upgrade your payment account to our Advanced Payment platform. Go to your Race Dashboard and navigate to Financial -> Payment Setup -> Set Up a New Account (Make sure to check Advanced Payment). For assistance, contact

Note: Any time you change payment accounts all transactions processed prior to the payment account update will pay out via the account in place at the time of the transaction. Any transactions processed after the update will process and pay out via the new account.

If you are not processing under the Quick Start - Direct Deposit platform, then please refer to the answers for the question “Why am I receiving a Check when I changed the payment to Direct Deposit?”.