The second step of the event wizard is Tickets. In this step, you will create your purchase period(s) and tickets. All tickets that you create here will put into a single ticket group. A ticket group is the highest level of ticket type; ticket groups can contain many tickets (or just one). You can split and create additional ticket groups or add more tickets in your event dashboard upon completing the wizard. 

Creating a Purchase Period

You must have at least one purchase period for your ticket(s). You can add as many as you like with the Add Purchase Period button. This is how you could set up separate periods for price increases. Click Save Purchase Periods when you are done creating them.


Creating a Ticket 

Click Add a Ticket.

Enter your ticket’s name. The purchase period(s) you created will show here. They will be grayed out; to make changes to them, you will need to scroll back up to the Purchase Periods section.

Enter a price for the ticket for each purchase period. Then make sure to click Save Ticket. To add additional tickets, click Add Ticket again. 

When you're done creating tickets, click Save and Continue to go to the next step. You won't be able to go back to Step 2, but you can edit tickets and create more in the dashboard.