The third step of the wizard is Purchase. This is where you will set up the pricing for your ticket groups and levels, caps on ticket levels, and create purchase periods. 


You must set up pricing one ticket group at a time. Under Purchase, click on the Edit icon on the right side of your ticket group. This will display all your options. Start with the first one, Ticket Pricing. Select Add Another Purchase Period.


Fill out when purchase opens and closes. You can create multiple purchase periods if you want the price to change as the event gets closer. The second part of this section asks if you want ticket prices to change based on the number of total tickets in the transaction. (For example, you might choose to sell tickets for $10, but discount them to $8 if someone buys five or more tickets in a purchase). 

Information Collection

Purchaser information collection can also be customized. We require first name, last name, and email address. You can show or require the other fields as needed. Setting the password field to required means that an account will be generated. However, most events don't need to require passwords. Registrants are always able to go back to the event website and resend their tickets if needed.

You may also want to collect information from each ticket holder (so if someone buys four tickets for four people, you require them to fill out information for each person). This could be important if you are holding an event for which you need to know which attendees are minors, for example. Note that you will not be able to collect the email addresses of minors.

Registration Caps

Use the Registration Caps dropdown to set a limit on the number of total tickets available in any group or level. You can also set limits across ticket levels (e.g., make 150 tickets available across two ticket levels). 

Note: You can also create caps across ticket groups in the Event Dashboard>>Event>>Purchase Settings>>Ticket Caps. These work the same way as the ticket level caps, except they are for ticket groups instead.


 In the third section of the Purchase step, you can create a waiver and decide how you would like registrants to sign it. There is also an option for no waiver.