The third step of the event wizard is Payment. It asks how you want the processing fees from your ticket event to be charged, and prompts you to create or add a payment account. 

In order to receive your payments, you must choose or create a Payment Account. Note that it will not allow you to select a non-501(c)3 payment account. If you do not have one, you should create one for your nonprofit. You can read a full tutorial on setting up payments here, or scroll to the bottom of this article.

If you select the Use Existing Payment Account tab, you will see each of your existing payment accounts. You may also see payment accounts that you can request to link. Even though you do not own these payment accounts and cannot link them yourself, they show because they are attached to your other events or websites on GiveSignup | RunSignup. If you'd like to use a payment account from this group, you can send a request to link it. The payment account owner will get an email asking them to log in and approve the use of that payment account for your event.

You can also choose an option under Other Options.

Send Setup Instructions by Email allows you to send payment setup instructions to someone else (for example, your nonprofit's finance person).

Set Up Later allows you to skip the payment step for now. If you choose this, you will have to set up or attach your payment account from the Financial tab in the dashboard.

The test mode option allows you to test your ticket purchase path before you have payments set up. 

Volunteer/Free mode allows you to continue without using a payment account and should only be used for entirely free events without donations.

Let Supporters Opt-in to Cover Ticket Processing Fees

You can allow supporters to opt in to cover their tickets' processing fees. Do this by selecting Processing fee comes out of the charge in the first column, and then Give registrants the option to pay the processing fee during registration. The option is turned on automatically for donations; you can enter your custom text for that in your dashboard once you've completed the Wizard (Dashboard>>Donations>>Donations Setup>>Donation Display Settings).

You can write your own custom prompt: 

When supporters reach the checkout page, your custom prompt will appear as a preselected checkbox: 

If they uncheck the box, they will not pay the processing fee; your nonprofit will absorb it.