Store Item Setup 

You can manage a store for your event through the Store tab on your event dashboard. To create a store item, go to Store>>Store Setup>>Add an Item. 

Fill in the required fields on the next screen: Item name, price, dates of availability, and product availability. You can also add a strikethrough price if you like. 

You have several options for product availability: available only when purchased in the standalone store, available only when buying tickets, available when buying tickets or in the standalone store, available for each ticket purchased, and available for each ticket purchased or in the standalone store.


Number of Variants asks how many different ways the product can be configured. For example, if you are selling a T-shirt that only comes in one color and one size, you would have zero variants. If you are selling a T-shirt that comes in one color, but five sizes, you have one variant (color). And if you are selling a T-shirt that comes in two colors and five sizes, you have two variants (size and color). You can have up to three variants. 

After you indicate the number of variants, name them. Next, select Add Variant and fill out each option until you have the correct number of options for each variant. 


Click Back to Menu and then Display.

On this screen, you can upload an image of your store item and write a description. 


Go back to the menu and select Quantities. If you want to require a minimum or maximum quantity per order, enter the number in the field. 

Fill out the Initial Quantity of the product (for example, the number of T-shirts you have to sell). Finally, fill out the initial quantity available for each variant, if applicable (e.g., the number of small T-shirts you have to sell). 

Variant Pricing

Enter the prices of each variant option. You can include strikethrough prices if you like. 

Store Fees

If you would like to add a store fee, go to Event Dashboard>>Store>>Store Setup>>Set Up Fees. Add a name and a dollar amount or formula in the appropriate fields. Choose what date the fee goes into effect. Select Only apply this fee if certain items are purchased if you only want to charge the fee on some items, but not others. Then select the items you would like to apply it to, and save your changes.