Add Sources

In order to view data on your Nonprofit Dashboard, you will need to add sources. Sources are your run/walk/rides, donation websites, and ticket events. To do this, click Sources on the left side of your Nonprofit Dashboard screen. 

Next, click Add Entities in the bottom right corner:

Now, you will see a list of all the sources that your account can access. Select the one(s) you want, and Save Settings.

Managing and Deleting Sources

To manage or delete a source, go to Nonprofit Dashboard>>Sources and click on Manage Entities in the bottom right corner. Now you will see a list of your sources. In the right column, you can select which source(s) you'd like to remove: 

In the center column, you will see the tags associated with each source. You can add or delete those by typing a new tag or deleting an existing one from the field:

Make sure to save your changes.