How to Use Tags

Tags are a tool that allows you to organize your sources by type or common elements. One or more tags can be applied to each source, and then you can then use tags to filter sources.

In this example, there are region tags (Northeast, South, West) and type tags (Ride and Run). Tags can be anything – Dinners, Golf, etc.  These tags will be used in the Access section to easily give people access to certain sources that are tagged appropriately. For example, if you are a larger organization, you might have a team that is in charge of your run/walk/rides only, so they would need access to that tag but not the others.

Add a Tag

You can add a tag by going to your Tag List (Dashboard>Access) and clicking the Add Tag button. There you will name your tag and add revenue sources to it.

Tag names must be all one word or contain no spaces. They can contain only letters or numbers, and uppercase/lowercase tags are equivalent. 

Manage Tags through Sources

You can also add, remove, and create new tags through your sources. Go to Nonprofit Dashboard>>Sources>>Manage Entities. This page displays information about all your dashboard's sources. In the second column, you will see the tags associated with each source. You can add or delete those by typing a new tag or deleting an existing one from the field:

Make sure to save your changes.