Access Levels

The Nonprofit Dashboard is very useful for organizations that have multiple people with different needs for accessing and controlling your revenue sources. You can give access to as many people as you want, and can specify exactly which revenue sources they have access to and what level of access they have.

When you add a user, you can choose to give them full access or limited access. If you choose limited access, there are three levels you must choose from:

Non-financial access is low security: This person can see data like the total number of signups and number of tickets sold.

Financial access is medium security: This person can see total signup revenue, total donation revenue, and similar financial summary data.

Data access is high security: This person can see all data and access to reporting tools like donors and fundraisers.

Access levels can vary between tags. (In other words, they could have data access on one tag and financial access on another tag.) You can also give a person more than one level of access. For example, you could give someone non-financial access and data access to the dashboard. This will let him or her see the number of registrations for races, the number of tickets, the donation reports, etc. However, he or she would not see how much revenue was raised.

Adding Users

To add a user to your dashboard, go to Access>>People List. 

Next, click Add Person

Type their name, email, and select their access level. 

If you choose Limited Access, you will have to select the tag-level access they have:

If you go back to Sources>>People List, you can view your pending dashboard invitations.