There are several ways to access your donation website after you’ve created it. If you would like to edit your site and view donation totals, you will need to use the event dashboard. The dashboard is where you can view reports, re-enter the wizard, set up donations, upload a banner image, set theme colors, and manage other settings.  

1. When you log into or, you can click on your profile image in the upper right corner to display a dropdown like this one: 

Click My Donation Websites to view a list of the websites you have created as well as an option to create a new site. 

2. You can find your site through the nonprofit dashboard, if you have added the event to your dashboard. Click Sources on the left side of the Nonprofit Dashboard screen. This will bring you to a list of all the sources you’ve added to your dashboard. You can find your event more easily by filtering out all the other source types using the checkboxes at the top. 

3. On Step 4 of the Donation Website Wizard, you have two options: Customize Now and View Your Website. The first option takes you to the donation website dashboard, and the second option allows you to view your site as it appears to an outside viewer. The wizard is non-reentrant, meaning that if you have created your website already and have entered the dashboard, you will not be able to access the wizard anymore. You can edit everything you set up in the wizard from the Donation Website Dashboard.

4. You can also access your donation website by entering its URL into your browser or using a search engine. Click the profile icon on the top right and then click Donation Website Dashboard, where you are able to access settings, reporting, and the wizard.