General donation settings are set in the donation website wizard. If you need to make changes after completing the wizard, go to Donations >> Donations Setup >> General Settings.

Setting Up Donation Open and Close Dates

Start by choosing start and end dates for accepting donations. You may want donations to close on a certain date, or you may want to keep them open indefinitely. If you would like to keep them open, leave Donations Accepted Until blank. 


Next, write a message for the donations page. There is also an optional field for a Donations Closed message, if you are choosing to disable donations for part of the year.

Recurring Donations

Next, there is a toggle that allows you to enable recurring donations. If you turn on recurring donations, another toggle appears: Allow Stop Amount for Recurring Donations

You can choose to allow donors to indicate a Stop Amount when they set up a recurring donation. This means that when their recurring donation total has reached an amount equal to the Stop Amount they indicated, it stops recurring.

Upload Image

At the bottom of the page, upload a logo or other image for the donations screen.