Donation attribution allows donors to indicate who or what their donation honors. They can use “on behalf of,” “in memory of,” or another attribution phrase, and then include a name. Nonprofits are able to customize what the attribution phrase options are. 

To set it up, go to Event Dashboard>>Donations>>Donation Setup>>Donation Attribution

Start by creating On Behalf Of options, or select from the examples on the left.  

The Anonymous designation will automatically appear, so you don't need to create that.

Donation Designations

There is also a “Designation” option, so donors can select a specific cause within your nonprofit, like “Education” or “Clean Water.” To add a cause, select Add A New Use Designation. Enter a title or short description, and then include additional details if necessary. Note that all donations go to the same payment account that you set up for donations, so it is the nonprofit's responsibility to divide up donations into their designations after receiving payment from GiveSignup.