There are several different donation reports for your GiveSignup donation website. All can be easily exported and imported into a CRM or spreadsheet. The main report is the Donations Report. This shows a list of all donations made to the site.

Exporting Donation Data

You can download any report as a CSV or XLSX file using the blue links below the report: 

Donations List

View a report of all donations under the Reports >> Donations tab of your dashboard.

The donation report shows key information such as the donation ID, donor name, amount, attribution, processing fee paid, and donation level. There are quick links to the transaction information right on the report. 

In addition to data points like donor information, the donor amount, and the transaction ID, the donations list report also shows the donation source for every donation. For example, if a donation was made to a form, that will show in the Form column for that report. If a donation was made to a campaign or to a fundraiser within that campaign, that will also show in its own column.

You can sort the donations list report by fundraising campaign or donation form to show only the sources for those donations. 

Click Search:

Then select the campaign or form you want to search on:

Once you select a campaign or form, click Search again.

Recurring Donations List

The Recurring Donations List report is found under Reports >> Recurring Donations. It shows all the recurring donations made on the donation website. You can view the status of each donation at a glance. To see all instances of a recurring donation, click the blue Donations button on the right: 

Donation Dedication List

If you are using the Tribute Information/Mail a Card feature, you can use the Donation Dedication List (Reports >> Donation Dedications) to get a list of requested cards. It will list the donation ID (which you can use to locate additional donation details on the Donations Report if needed), the name of the donation honoree, the donation date, amount, and the honoree's address. 

Campaign Reports

There are two fundraising campaign reports: the Campaign Report and the Fundraisers Report. These are found under Reports >> Campaign Reports

The Campaign Report shows a list of all fundraising campaigns for that donation website, with details for each like total amount raised, number of fundraisers, donation goal, and total number of donations made to that campaign.

Clicking on a campaign takes you to the public-facing page on the donation website for that campaign.

The Fundraisers Report shows a list of fundraisers, the campaigns they are fundraising for, and their donation totals. You can also edit or delete a Fundraiser on the right side of the report under the Manage column.