Refund Reserve

The Refund Reserve is the source of refund money. It is found under Financial >> Refund Reserve on the Donation Website Dashboard. It is very important to set up if you expect to process any refunds, and will also be required for Fundraiser Rewards.

There are three ways to fund the reserve. They are:

  • Enter your credit card to add money to the reserve. This may be necessary if all payments have been made to you and there will not be future donations on this site (e.g., if it is a limited-time campaign), yet you want to process refunds. This situation might occur if you have to cancel an event.
  • Set an additional hold. This will hold back a set amount of money from future payments until that additional amount is reached.
  • Move money to the refund reserve. If you are awaiting the payment of a balance owed to your nonprofit, then you can set aside some of that future payment into the refund reserve.