GiveSignup donation websites and forms allow donors to send e-cards to their honorees. 

If a donor selects the Send an E-card option, the e-card is sent automatically--no action is required for your nonprofit. 

GiveSignup also offers the ability to allow donors to enter the name and address of an honoree so that your nonprofit can mail them a physical card or acknowledgement of a donation made in their honor. With the physical card option, your nonprofit would be responsible for mailing out the cards using the information available in the Donation Dedication List report. 

When you enable Tribute Information, the donor will be able to select the option to send a card to their honoree when they make a donation. When the option is selected, the donor can enter the mailing address where they would like your nonprofit to send a card. Please note that if you enable this feature, your nonprofit is responsible for mailing a physical card to the honorees.

Set Up

To enable the Ecard or Mail a Card feature for your donation website, go to Donations >> Donations Setup on your Donation Dashboard and click Tribute Information.

You can toggle on one or both of the Mail a Card and the Ecard option. (The Ecard option is automatically enabled for all donation websites).  For Mail a Card, you are able to enable and enter a custom prompt. In this example we use the text:

Honor someone special with your gift. We’ll mail a card to your honoree or their loved ones if you enter their address.

You can also enable this feature for each donation form that you create.


If the donor enters the honoree's email address, the e-card will be sent automatically to the email address your donor provides. The donor will be able to schedule the e-card to send on a specific date at 8 AM: 

Custom E-cards

You can upload your own E-card designs that your donors can select from when they make a donation. This is a perfect way for your donors to donate to your nonprofit and send a gift to their loved ones for holidays, birthdays, and achievements – with designs that feature your brand and mission. (Note that this feature is only available for Donation Websites).

You can enable designs for E-card notifications by navigating to Donations >> Donation Setup >> Tribute Information on your Donation Website dashboard. While E-cards are automatically enabled for donation websites, you must enable the card designs separately:

Once enabled, you’ll be able to upload your own E-card designs. The recommended size is 550px x 350px, and using a site like Canva makes it easy to create designs. Then, drag the images in the order that you want to show on your donation website to the left under Selected Images. You can move any of the default cards or designs that you don’t want to show to the right under Unselected Images.

Mail a Card

If a donor opts for the Mail a Card option, the honoree's address will be available in the Donation Dedication List report in the donation website dashboard. The nonprofit can view or export this report to get a list of addresses for mailing out cards. 


You can pull a report of the physical cards your donors have requested when you go to Donations >> Donation Dedication List on your Dashboard.

You can easily view and export the list of cards – names and addresses – that your nonprofit should send dedication cards to.