You can allow your donors to request that a card be sent to their donation honorees.

When you enable Mail a Card, the donor will be able to select the option to send a card to their honoree when they make a donation. When the option is selected, the donor can enter the mailing address where they would like your nonprofit to send a card. Please note that if you enable this feature, your nonprofit is responsible for mailing a physical card to the honorees.

Set Up

To enable the Mail a Card feature for your ticket event, go to Donations >> Donations Setup on your Dashboard and click Display Settings at the bottom under Advanced Options.

Check the Enable Mail a Card? box. You can select the setting to enable and enter a custom prompt. In this example we use the text:

Honor someone special with your gift. We’ll mail a card to your honoree or their loved ones if you enter their address.


You can pull a report of the cards your donors have requested when you go to Donations >> Donation Dedication List on your Dashboard.

You can easily view and export the list of cards – names and addresses – that your nonprofit should send dedication cards to.