A ticket group is the highest level of ticket type, used to group more than one type of ticket. You can add or edit the tickets you've created in the wizard on your event dashboard, and you can also create ticket groups. 

Adding or Creating Tickets 

In the dashboard, go to Tickets >> Create or Edit

You'll see a list of existing tickets, grouped inside one ticket group:

You can edit or delete these tickets with the trash can and edit icons. 

To add new tickets, select Add Ticket.

Enter a name for your ticket. You can also write a description of the ticket, but it is not required. 

You can require the number of purchased tickets at this level to be a multiple of any number. For example, you could enter “2” and thus require that all purchases at this level be of an even number of tickets. 

You can also use the checkboxes to make the ticket 21+ only or mark it as part of a combo ticket.

You can then add additional ticket levels by clicking Add a Ticket. When you are finished, save your tickets by clicking the blue Save button. 

Creating a Ticket Group

Go to Event Dashboard >> Tickets >> Ticket Groups and click Add a Ticket Group.

Enter your ticket group’s name, select General Event under Event Type, and fill in a description of the ticket group in the description box. (You can add links or your own source code to this description box for further customization. Use the buttons on the toolbar.)

Next, choose whether you would like to set start and end dates for the ticket group. These are not the start and end times for ticket purchase, but the actual dates and times that the tickets in the group will be used. (For example, if you are selling tickets to a fundraising dinner, you could set up a ticket group with a start date of September 7th at 6:00 PM and an end date of September 7th at 9:00 PM.) 

You can add additional ticket groups and rearrange the order in which they display by dragging, dropping, and saving. 


Adding or Moving Tickets to Groups

To add a new ticket to a an existing group, go to Event Dashboard>> Tickets >> Create/Edit and click Add Ticket under the appropriate group. 

To move an existing ticket from one group to a brand new group, click the Split Group icon on the Ticket Group. 

This will take you to a new screen like this: 

Select the ticket(s) to add to the new group by dragging them to the New Ticket Group field.

Then scroll down and add the Ticket Group information: