To get started creating one or multiple fundraising campaigns, create a Donation Website.

After enabling donations and customizing your donation website, navigate to Fundraising Campaigns >> Fundraising Campaign Setup on your Donation Website Dashboard. Click Create a Campaign to get started.

First, you will enter basic information about your fundraising campaign:

  • Campaign name
  • Start date and an optional end date. These are dates for accepting donations, not for individual fundraisers--those are set elsewhere (Fundraiser Options below).
  • Campaign URL: This will automatically populate with your campaign name. If you have added a domain or subdomain to your donation website, the URL will reflect that custom domain rather than…

Messaging is automatically inherited from your donation website.

You can uncheck this setting to expand and add custom messaging for the campaign. This is the content that will show on your campaign’s main page.

Next, enable Fundraiser Options. You can either allow supporters to set their own end dates for their fundraisers, or you can set the number of days that a fundraiser is open from the date that it is set up (for example, 30 days for a birthday fundraiser).

Fundraising teams are not currently available, but they are coming soon!

The Logo upload lets you customize the image that is displayed for each campaign.

Once you have finished enabling your basic campaign settings, click Save at the top of the page.

You will see a success message that your campaign has been saved. You can view the website for your campaign by clicking the URL. Click the Edit icon in the far right to update any of the settings you enabled above.