Managers of at least one donation form can navigate to My Donation Forms from the dropdown menu in the upper right corner of any RunSignup or GiveSignup page. 

You can also get to My Donation Forms from your profile. 

You will see a list of all your forms. They will be grouped by nonprofit if you are a manager of multiple forms for different organizations.

To edit or view information about a form, click the arrow on the right side of the tile for that form. You will be able to view the donation report and manage donations from there, view the recurring donations report, or edit the form. You can also delete the form on this screen.  

To go back to the Donation Forms list, click the back button. You can manage general settings for your nonprofit simultaneously here. Clicking Settings will give you the option to change settings that apply to all forms for that nonprofit.

You can edit these settings from here: 

  1. Change Theme: add or change your color scheme
  2. View Financial Summary: View reports, finances, and payment info for all your forms.
  3. Tax Deductible Info: Add your nonprofit's tax ID and address here and it will be automatically included in the confirmation email so it can be used as a donation receipt for tax purposes.
  4. Update Payment Settings: Add or change a payment account, or change the processing fee settings.
  5. Secure Access: Add other team members as managers of your forms.
  6. Notification Settings: Edit the confirmation emails that go out and enable a donation summary email for form managers.

Adding a Form

There are two ways to add donation forms. The first is to do it through the My Donation Forms page, where you can add a form to an existing nonprofit:

This takes you to a short creation wizard and uses the same payment account and settings as the other forms for that nonprofit.

The second way is to create a separate nonprofit with different forms. You can do this by starting from Doing it this way will always create a second, separate nonprofit with separate settings. 

Currently there is no way to "merge" two nonprofits on the forms page.

Upgrade Donation Forms to a Full Website

You can upgrade your form(s) to a full donation website. Instructions to do this are here.