To customize your nonprofit’s social sharing for donation forms, navigate to My Donation Forms from your profile.

Next click Settings at the top of your My Donation Forms page:

Click the Social Sharing tile to add your images and messaging. We recommend using Canva to easily create designs for the images.

Image dimensions:

  • Small: Aspect ratio of 1:1 (square). Images must be at least 200x200 px, with a maximum size of 599x599 px.
  • Large: Recommended aspect ratio of 1:9:1, with a minimum size of 1200x630 px and a maximum size of 4096x4096 px. 

Note that if your new images do not show immediately on Facebook, you can enter your donation form URL(s) to the Facebook Debugger. This will update the social share to the image and text settings you added to your Donation Form settings: