You can use the CRM >> Promotions feature to send an email from a ticket event. You can send marketing emails by pulling in contacts from other sources (like a race or donation website) or send event updates to current ticketholders.

Create a CRM List

Before you can create an email, you'll need to create your list. Go to the CRM tab of your ticket event dashboard.

On this page, you'll have a number of filter options that will allow you to select contacts from different sources, like other events and races. It can pull any contacts that you have access to on the account you are using. (Example: If you are a director on a race under your GiveSignup | RunSignup account, it will pull the participants for that race). 

If you wanted to just pull current ticketholders for this event, you would select Ticketholders, then the event: 

Use the filters to create your list by adding each source. You will see the contacts populate. Once you've added the filters, name your list and save it: 

Create your Email

Next you will create the email. Go to the CRM >> Create a Promotion tab. 

You'll see a blank email on the right, where you can enter your message. On the left, you'll be able to select the list(s) you'd like to include. Select included lists only -- excluded lists will override included lists, so in most cases you won't want to exclude any lists.  You will also name your email (which shows internally only) and write a subject line. 

Send your Email 

Click Next below your email. On the review page, you can see the number of emails that will be sent (the total number of people on the list you've selected). Click Send Email if you're ready to send.

Currently, there is no way to save a draft email or schedule your email for a later date. 

The CRM >> Promotions page will show a list of past promotions.