View Email Notifications

To customize email notifications for donation websites, go to Fundraising Website Dashboard>> Organization >> Notifications. Here you can view the emails that are generated by user actions:

Edit Email Content

To edit an email, click on the title of the email, highlighted in blue.  

This will open the email editor:

You can change the subject line by checking Use a custom subject line. If you have uploaded a logo for your event already, it will automatically appear in the emails.

To change the content of the email, start typing in the email window. You can add or delete content, as well as add links and change the formatting. The replacement tags (denoted with % symbols) will auto-populate the appropriate donation/fundraiser data in a real email. You can move them around if you like.

Editing Email Source Code

You are able to edit the HTML source code on the emails for an even higher level of customization. There is a menu button in the email window that opens a popup editor so you can make your changes.

Below the email window, you will see a list of the components of the email. These are all accompanied by dropdowns with the example HTML for that component. 

Director Emails

One some notifications, like the Donation Made email, there is another email section where you can customize a director notification. 

You can add email addresses here if you would like certain people to receive administrator notifications. Note that this is different from giving these people access to the website.

To enable the director-side Donation Made notification so it actually sends, you have to go back to Donation Website >> Notifications and check the Director option on. 

Save Changes

After you have made your changes, click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page.