To edit your fundraising campaign settings, navigate to Fundraising Campaigns on your dashboard. 

Under General Settings, you will be able to edit basic information about your fundraising campaign:

  • Campaign name
  • Start date and an optional end date. These are dates for accepting donations, not for individual fundraisers--those are set elsewhere (Fundraiser Options below).
  • Campaign Message
  • Donation Message (this is the message that appears when someone clicks Donate from your campaign page, and can be the same or different from the Campaign Message)
  • Fundraiser Options (duration)
  • Default Fundraiser Goal (this is the individual goal per fundraiser, not the overall goal)
  • Default Fundraiser Message)


Fundraising teams are not currently available, but they are coming soon!

Display Settings

Under Display Settings, you are able to customize the way your campaign looks. 

Here, you can set (by date) what donations are reflected in totals and goals. You can also set a goal and opt to show it thermometer-style on the campaign.

You can customize text that appears in different places on your campaign:

Absorb Processing Fee Text: If you are giving donors the option to cover the fees, this is where you will customize the text that shows to them.

Offline Donations Instructions: These will appear on the campaign page under a clickable button. Most commonly, this is used for providing an address for mailed checks.

Donation Message: This is the same Donation message as on the other screen-- it shows when someone clicks Donate.

At the bottom, you are able to set up custom wording for the word "fundraiser" or customize the "Become a Fundraiser" button.

Campaign Reports

You can view your campaign and fundraiser reports on the Reports >> Fundraising Campaigns tab.

Facebook Fundraising

You can link your nonprofit's Facebook Payments-enabled Facebook page on Integrations >> Facebook Fundraisers. Learn more about the integration here.