When setting up an advanced or multi-day ticket event, you can enter your ticket groups (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) in the wizard. You’ll be able to add ticket options (Adult, Child) from the Ticket Dashboard.

Tickets >> Advanced Tickets

From the Ticket Event Dashboard, navigate to Tickets >> Advanced Tickets. You can enable Advanced Tickets to create Ticket Groups with multiple ticket options.

After enabling Advanced Tickets, you can edit Ticket Groups. First, edit each Ticket Group to update the Ticket Group Name. You can also add a description and dates that will appear on the ticket tile on the website.

Next add ticket options to each group by navigating to Tickets >> Setup. You will see a default ticket from the wizard. You can click in and change to your ticket option (i.e., Adult, Child) and add additional tickets to each group for your options:

Finally, add pricing to your ticket options. Navigate to Tickets >> Pricing. The purchase periods you set up in the Ticket Wizard will automatically apply to each Ticket Group. You can edit and add additional pricing adjustments: