GiveSignup’s Website Builder enables your nonprofit to add custom content sections with images, video, playlists, call-to-action buttons and formatted text to feature additional information about your nonprofit on your donation website. Donation websites are easy to create and even easier to manage with the Website Builder.

Accessing the Website Builder

After setting up your donation website, you will have access to the Website Builder in your Dashboard. Go to Website Options >> Website Builder, or type “Website Builder” in the menu search. 

Adding a Section to Your Website

When you first click into the website builder from your dashboard, you will see some default sections that are automatically generated for your website.

Note: You can hide these sections by clicking the gear icon on the right and switching the “Hide Section” option on. 

To add a section to your website, simply scroll to the bottom of the website builder and click on the “+”.

When you add a section, there are two options: Single Column or Two Column.

Once you select the number of columns, you can add a title for this section and begin to add content. Click the “+” button within a section to choose what type of content you would like to add. 

Text - Type the content you would like to add into the text box. Click on the Image icon in the top right corner of the text box to add image next to the text. When you add custom text, an editor will appear to give you flexible formatting options.

Button - Add a button that links to the website info, the donate screen, or a custom URL you add. Add your own text to display on the button. 

Image - Upload or drag an image from your computer to display on your website.

YouTube Video - To add a YouTube video to a custom section, paste the video ID in the text box. The YouTube Video ID can be found by clicking the share button below the video. The ID is located at the end of the link after “”. Input this ID into the corresponding box on the website builder.

Ex. In this case, the Youtube Video ID would be: “-WazgWhL4ao”

Youtube Playlist - The Youtube Playlist ID can be found in the same way as a Youtube Video ID. See the instructions above for finding the Playlist ID.

Apple Music Playlist - To find the Apple Music Playlist ID, click on the menu icon > share > copy link. Past the link into the corresponding box in the website builder.

Spotify Playlist - The Spotify Playlist ID can be found in the same way as an Apple Music Playlist ID. See the instructions above.

Note: You can add any number of these content items within one section. 

Editing Content Sections

After you have created your sections, you can click the edit icons to edit the content at any time.

The gear icon allows you to customize section settings, including adding a section URL that allows you to link to a specific section on the website and an option to hide the section. There is also a trashcan to delete a section.

When you choose to create a Two Column section, there will be a gear in each column that gives you the option to customize the background color.

Note: The color choices available are linked to your donation website theme colors that are set in the dashboard under Website Options>> Branding.

Use the drag-and-drop handles on the left side of each section tile to move sections around and rearrange the way order in which the sections appear on your website. You can also use the up-and-down arrows to rearrange sections. These arrows make it easy to move expanded sections on a desktop or on mobile.