RunSignup offers free, next-generation Email Marketing for endurance and peer-to-peer fundraising events. Send unlimited emails, upload unlimited contacts, personalize email with custom and event replacement tags, and design beautiful emails with our email builder.

Note: This guide is a reference for the next-gen email platform that we released in early 2022, currently labeled Email V2 in the race dashboard and Email in the ticket event dashboard. To learn the functions of our legacy email marketing system for races, go here.


To begin using Email Marketing, navigate to the Email V2 tab in your Dashboard. Review and make any changes to the From and Reply To fields for Transactional and Marketing Emails. Click Save to confirm. Note that you must click save to confirm these settings before sending emails.


Send Emails

We make it free and easy to send unlimited emails from RunSignup. Our powerful contact lists let you send emails to contacts in RunSignup and import unlimited contacts to custom lists. Powerful replacement tags for both system and custom lists let you personalize communication. Our new Email Builder makes it fun and easy to build beautiful emails in minutes!

Select Recipients

The first step of sending an email is to select recipients. There are two major list types:

  1. Default RunSignup lists
  2. Custom lists

You can sort and select your recipient list using the dropdown at the top, the search bar, or by scrolling down the page and finding the list you'd like to use. 

We continuously add default system lists to this as the email system gets developed. 

Building your Email

Now it’s time to create your email! Select Create Email.

This takes you into the Email Builder where you can create or choose a design. Within the first tab, System Templates, you will choose between three options for creating your email:

  • Start from Scratch
  • Basic Template
  • Use Your HTML

Note: There are two tabs on this screen: System Templates contains the three options above for creating an email, while Your Saved Templates houses your saved templates.

Start from Scratch

You will be taken to your email’s design board where you can add sections and content. Your board starts you out with the basics: theme, header, and footer. Between the header and footer is where you can start adding sections to display your content.

Your email template pulls in the primary theme color from your website so that there is consistency between your website and email communications. You can update the color by clicking and choosing a new option.

You can customize your email header and footer by clicking the gear in the upper right corner. Replace the logo and name. For example, while we default to your event’s logo and name, your organization may want to use your company or nonprofit logo/name instead.

Add content to your email by creating a section. There are one column and two column options.

Then choose your content type from the options provided. All content types can be utilized with a single or double-column section:

  • Text
  • Feature 1 (text + button, dark background)
  • Feature 2 (text + button, white background)
  • Image, text, button
  • Button
  • Image
  • Divider (a line that can create spacing between sections)

You can add multiple content blocks per section. For example, add text, then add a button. Click on the plus symbol within the section to bring up the “Add Content” pop-up or click on the type of content block you want inside of the sidebar on the right of your screen. You’ll notice that the section you are adding content to is framed for easy identification.

Use data replacement tags to personalize your emails and show your understanding and appreciation of your participant’s relationship with your event and organization. You can choose from the dropdown menu or just start typing a % and the full list will automatically appear – as you continue to type, the list of tags will narrow down to the one you are looking for. The below example is an email to the system list of Current Year Participants. The replacement tags created with that list appear as options.

Edit or Delete Sections

Some content types have gear icons at the top right where you can edit headings, button names and links, or other items. 

You can remove entire sections or content by clicking on the trash can icon. 

Basic Template

 We currently offer a basic template option to help you get started building your email. This is quite similar to starting from scratch, but gives you a default section already added to your email to begin your design.

Use Your HTML

If you have designed an email template using another tool, you can export the HTML code and use it to build your template in Email Builder. In the Email Builder design board, you have two places where you can input your HTML.

Review and Send

Once you’ve built your email, you can click Continue. You will still have time to review and edit your email!

This will return you to the main page. You’ll have a preview of what your email will look like on desktop and mobile. Note that you can also preview the email at any time from the Email Builder.

Click Review Email at the bottom of the page when you are ready to send or schedule an email. If you are not ready to send your email immediately, schedule a date and time when you would like it to send.

When you confirm your email, you’ll still be able to cancel it. The message will update once the email has been successfully sent.