If the event has turned on Ticket Transfers, you can transfer your own tickets to a different date using the confirmation email.

1. From the ticket confirmation email, click on “Manage Tickets.”

You will be taken to a link where the verification code provided in the confirmation email (noted in the screenshot above) will need to be entered. Next, click “Verify Access.”

The ticket(s) will then appear after a successful submission of the verification code.

2. Select the new ticket.

From the drop-down menus, change the ticket group (in the example below, the ticket groups are the days of the event) and the ticket type (in this case, the tasting period for the chosen day). Once the options are selected, click on “Transfer Tickets.”

3. Verify ticket holder information.

The next screen will ask you to verify the details of the ticket holder.

Custom questions will be shown to verify details.

If the event is charging a fee for transfers, that will show in the checkout cart. If not, you will see an event transfer credit applied to make the cost of the new ticket $0:

A confirmation email with the details of the new ticket transferred to will automatically be sent to the ticket holder. The registration cart showing the event transfer credit will be included in the confirmation email.

Use your new confirmation email for checkin at the event!