You can customize the sales closed settings that will apply when a ticket purchaser attempts to buy tickets after ticket sales are closed. To adjust these settings, navigate to Event >> Purchase Settings >> Sales Closed Settings:

There are three settings that can be adjusted.

Sales Closed Custom Message

By default, if purchasers click the Signup button on your event website when ticket sales have closed, the Sales Closed Message will say, "Sales are closed."

You can change this message by typing in your own Sales Closed Custom Message:

Once you customize the message and click Save Changes, you will be able to view this custom message by clicking the Signup button on your website:

If you would like to revert the sales closed message back to the default text, you can click the gray Revert to default text button to autofill the message:

External Signup Button URL

By default, the Signup button will take you the Sales Closed Message when the ticket sales are closed. To set the signup button to redirect the ticket purchaser, turn Enable External Signup Button URL and enter the desired URL. 

Click Save Settings at the bottom of the page. 

When the purchaser clicks the Signup button on your event website, they will automatically be redirected to this URL. 

Redirect Button

You can add a redirect button that will display with the Sales Closed Message. To do so, turn on Enable Custom Sales Closed Redirect. You can then add custom button text or leave the default "Learn More!" text and choose the option to direct the button back to your event website or a custom URL:

When the purchaser clicks the Signup button on your event website, they will see the redirect button under sales closed message:

Note: The external signup button url and redirect button cannot be on at the same time.